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The advantage of LED Tube compared with fluorescent tube:



Economical and energy-saving:  thanks to LED high luminous efficiency, excellent direction and high visible light ratio, the energy consumption reduces 60% compared with fluorescent tube.



Long life-span: LED tube could work more than 40,000 hours. It is 10 times than ordinary fluorescent tube.



Environment-friendly: there is no harmful metal--mercury. While there are 50mg mercury in fluorescent tube.



Healthy: there is no ultraviolet and no harm to skin.



No attraction to insects: insects can not feel the LED wave-range, so it can effectively reduce the infestation of insects.



No delay and flash: LED tube become bright immediately when turn on the light. And there is no flash when it is working which could protect our eyes effectively.



No noise:  there is no ballast in the LED tube so the noise caused by ballast in the fluorescent tube could be avoided.

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